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Types and Procedure of Pacemakers- heart specialist in Indore

When a healthy heart beats in a regular rhythm, it is considered that your heart has no problem. But when it beats in an irregular manner and you are feeling unwell then it is a signal to consult the cardiologist.

According to the best heart specialist in Indore (Dr. Akhilesh Jain) when the heart is not able to maintain a fast and steady rhythm then you need to get the procedure of a pacemaker. The pacemaker is basically a device that can be placed into your body usually by surgery. It is a titanium device that can generate electrical signals to stabilize the abnormal heart rhythm and helps to prevent problems that become an interruption to enjoying your life.

How does a pacemaker work?

A pacemaker works only when it is needed. The condition when your heart beats too slowly basically sends an electrical signal to the heart to manage the heartbeat in a proper manner. The heart specialist doctor in Indore says the pacemaker is needed when the heart is diagnosed with erratic heartbeats.

In today’s scenario because of advanced technologies pacemakers are also able to detect body motion or breathing signals to the device to increase the heartbeat. Almost 3 million people are living with the pacemaker worldwide and each year about 30, 0000 pacemakers are implanted to stay active and healthy li8festyle.

Types of Pacemaker - Heart specialist Indore

Types of Pacemakers

  • Single Chamber Pacemaker: – In this type of pacemaker procedure, the pacemaker has only one lead that connects from one chamber of your heart. This usually carries the electrical impulses to the right vertical (bottom heart chamber) or right atrium (top heart chamber).

  • Dual Chamber Pacemaker: – As it is clear by its name this procedure contains two leads that connect both the chamber of your heart to monitor and regulate the heart rhythms of both the heart chambers.

  • Biventricular Pacemaker: – This procedure has three leads that connect to the right atrium and both the verticals of the heart. This procedure is usually done when the blood is not pumped in a sufficient amount and is used especially for patients who are in the condition of heart failure.

Pacemaker Procedure - Heart specialist Indore

Before the procedure

Before the procedure ask your doctor what medications are necessary to take before the pacemaker is implanted. Avoid drugs, smoking, and tobacco one or five days before the pacemaker implantation procedure. It is important to not eat or drink anything for several hours and in case you are taking any medications take a small sip of water. 

During the Procedure

According to the heart specialist in Indore you will be awake, the doctor gave you some medications which help you to not feel any pain and you feel comfortable and relaxed. In the procedure, only the area of the incision is numbed. The doctor makes a small incision in the upper chest this may be on the right or left side of the chest. The incision is about 2 3 inches long. Next, to position the leads on the inner surface of the heart muscle the doctor uses a special type of x-ray.

After the procedure

After the pacemaker is implanted into your heart the first thing your doctor will check is the blood pressure and rhythms of your heart. Although, there are no serious precautions required to take. But some limitations advised by the best heart specialist in Indore

  • Do not lift any object, and child which is high in weight.
  • Pulling and pushing of objects are avoided.
  • Simple Physical exercises are important.

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